Unfortunately, neoprene also grips when wet. Run your hand over it; the material should feel smooth, or you should be able to faintly see the weave of the base cloth. Grizzly Claw Armor bottom molding is a new concept in inflatable boats. On rivers where portaging is likely, it might be best to select a lighter-weight boat such as the AIRE Traveler or the Incept C42T, but for expedition trips where big loads are encountered, a larger, heavier boat such as the SOAR Pro Pioneer or the SOAR Magnum might be in order. Inflatable Boat Material and Valve Reference Chart; Hypalon Repair Instructions; Clifton Urethane Adhesive Gluing Instructions; Flexseal Tube Sealant; Stabond Instructions; Cart; Inflatables. SQUIRT (S10) BLAZE (S12) CANYON (S14) EXPLORER (S16) PRO PIONEER; Accessories; About. Our inventory changes frequently so check back often! Patented Jet Tunnel Inflatable technology allows you to run shallower and offers superior motor protection compared to flat-bottom inflatables. Alaska Series Inflatable Boats Featured. A second and major point involves the thinness of the material and the risk of a catastrophic tube failure when floating heavy loads over rocks. But a multi-day fishing expedition on the Goodnews River limits your options somewhat. Showing 1–6 of 94 results . $1000 OBO. Welcome to Alaska Raft and Kayak! So whether you're fishing, hunting, or just moving through the country, it's just a matter of time until you find yourself in an inflatable boat. This term refers to a round boat with an inflatable floor and holes around the perimeter that are present to allow water to flow out of the boat. How do you decide which one is right for you? These jet tunnel boats make a great fishing and hunting boat for all over Alaska. Alaska Boats & Watercraft ... 12 XTReme Inflatable Boat pic this boat is in real good condition, it has an aluminum floor, motor transom, tie down ropes, and hold air great! It is therefore in the best interest of the consumer to educate yourself on what to look for in a poorly-made boat, and especially in inferior materials. Inflatable canoes are popular on smaller streams that don't accommodate other boats. Find Boats for Sale in Anchorage, AK with inflatable on Oodle Classifieds. But if you want to get onto the water, strapping an aluminum canoe to the side of the aircraft is no longer the option it once was. Boat Specialists: (805) 644-6290. Rubber boats using a weak mix of CSM (Hypalon®) often show a white, chalky film on the surface, as the material oxidizes over time. There are no "one size fits all" solutions when it comes to inflatable boats. Outback boats supply revolutionary inflatable jet boats, motors and accessories for the Adventurer, Fisherman and Hunter. Check for wicking by spraying exposed fabric edges with soapy water. This tendency is a disadvantage if you have to pull your boat through shallow areas, a common occurance on many of Alaska's rivers. If you are in the market to purchase or rent a boat for an extended Alaska expedition, it's in your best interest to rent before you buy. both sides of a polyester or nylon base cloth. Many of our boats are custom designed to our specifications in terms of dimensions, fabric, features and accessories. Along with this great inflatable fishing boats & kayaks Saturn provides #1 customer service. Comes with oars, pump, side storage bags. Most modern inflatable boats are designed with separate sealed chambers to ensure the boat stays afloat no matter what. 2900 Golf Course Dr. Ventura, CA 93003. Photos; Videos ; Articles / Testimonials. Up to 60% OFF Sale. In fact, most reputable manufacturers no longer post capacity statistics. Most trips into the remote regions of Alaska involve stuffing your gear and your person into a small, single-engine aircraft and flying off into some isolated landing spot close to a river or a lake. Check out our Inflatable Boats listings in our Directory. Today’s tough, inflatable or inflatable-and-rigid hull boats (RIBs) are made of layers of industrial-strength materials and polymers, both designed to be rugged and light. Inflatable tubing (Inflatable boat fabric) PVC coated Polyester fabric 1000 grm/sqm: PVC coated Polyester fabric 1000 grm/sqm: GAZEBO-STYLE TENTS. Home; Inflatable Canoes. Closed Saturdays Several variations of the round boat include boats with bullet-shaped bows, flat sterns, enlarged or diminished-diameter tubes in the bow or stern or other variations designed to improve performance in certain conditions. These jet tunnel boats make a great fishing and hunting boat for all over Alaska. The short story is to let the river choose the boat. The Inventor of Inflatable and Rigid inflatable boats (RIB) Welcome to the Zodiac Nautic ™ universe We share your pleasure and passion to navigate the seven seas, and we’re by your side from your first steps in boating to your days as an experienced pilot. Box 231955, Anchorage, Alaska, 99523.