....and....the Merit 22 (and the 23) has a lifting daggerboard "keel"... not a swing keel. Although Catalina has updated the Catalina 22 throughout its production run, early boats remain modern-looking and attractive by today’s standards. San Diego, CA. So it's coming on 3 years since I boat my tall rigged Capri 22. His first design in 1970 was the Catalina 22, the boat he had wanted Whittaker to build. Never saw a Merit 22 that was a swing keel. The Cat22 looks more day sailable (mnore freeboard), less expensive and you are more like to find another one to race against. The main virtue is that it's about the cheapest boat you can own and have decent fun in PHRF (provided the fleet isn't too hot). Lowball them, the boat market is softer than Chaney's pecker. The Catalina 22 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with teak wood trim. If it's windy where you live, you might consider a Santana 22, http://www.wdschock.com/ I'm not sure how they compete on price point. Cheers Winever. Several weeks ago I was preparing a survey of a Catalina 30 for a client and found myself looking for other Catalina 30s for sale to help me establish an approximate value. Doyle Asymmetric Sail $ 1,398.00. Registration is free. The vessel is an excellent daysailer, racer, and weekender. Below are the PHRF ratings found. On the Water; Watersports; News & Events; Entertainment; Resources; Toggle navigation. South Tower Race. Catalina Yachts Note. Under the full reclining length seats is a new storage locker and separate battery locker. My only gripe with the Capri 22 is that it's a little too heavy and doesn't have a retractable keel for easy trailering. Locate Catalina boat dealers in TX and find your boat at Boat Trader! Our most popular boat with more than 20 in our fleet - the Capri 22 is THE standard for sailing on San Diego's bays. Reviews; Boats; Engines & Equipment; How-to. Could use a good cleaning as shown in the pictures, but should clean up nice. The hull is a solid layup and deck is foam core. Dry yard neighbor picked up his Santana 22 for $600 - sails great - he has a blast with it. I just visited my son at summer camp and the facility (which is a HS military school in the fall/winter) has ten of these. If you want a sleeper boat get an AMF 2100. The "standard" Catalina 22 IS still built as a swing keel, as is the Cat 22 "Sport" which is supposed to be as light as the earliest 22's so it should be competitive in the O.D. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The Capri 22 is rated a minute a mile faster than the venerable Cat 22. I'm a little partial to Schock boats, having a Schock 34 and loving it. No Reviews. You will get it if you wait long enough. Now that must have taken a few hours on a capri 22! About the CAPRI 25 (CATALINA) sailboat Calculations Help SA/Disp. I wish Catalina used more stringent OD building measures so they were all very Similar.They were used in the 2012 US sAiling Disabled Champs in SD. doggone, April 10, 2009 in Sailing Anarchy. Once you are in a PHRF range of 210-230, arguing about speed becomes a little silly, no? Not flash but surprisingly effective. There is a Capri 22 at our marina and it is a good sailing boat. I’d place it closer to the day-sailor side. Pulled from an 1986 Catalina 22 Capri. Catalina Yachts Store. In the 20-30 foot range there is some great value if youstart with solid proven design. The Capri22 is a sweet sailing, simple, fun little boat. Sailing & skiing, depending on the season. When I had a MacGregor 25, I was green with envy over the Capri owners. You don't buy a massive money pit racer that has a hull life of three years to take your kids out and show them what a race feels like. Any boat with you at the helm has the same title- "skipper". Spinnaker Sheets & Turning Blocks $ 267.00. Have owned Capri 22 for 3 months now and I could not be happier. Boat Reviews. the design did not transfer well form the 25-a much faster, better boat! Under the full reclining length seats is a new storage locker and separate battery locker. 1987 Catalina Yachts 22 Prices and Specs Select Option Packages Below . She is built since 1995 by Catalina Yachts (United States). The motor was last started 2 months ago. About the only boat you will beat is: Look for a Capri 25. In the end competitive PHRF racing is the lowest priority and I decided the Capri 22 was the most comfortable easy to sail boat that had some performance characteristics and cost by far the least! Only you know the kind of sailing you're going to do and what boat will suit you best so don't let anybody else tell you what boat to get. Watch the video below to see the Capri 22 in action: //